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Andalusian Recipes 3: Poor man’s potatoes from Granada (patatas a lo pobre)

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This recipe ‘Poor man’s potatoes’ is great in winter and specially popular in Granada province:

olive oil
green and or red pepper

How to prepare:
Peel the potatoes and cut them in slices,
The onions you can cut in ring slices and the peppers in long strips.
You can add as much of ingredients as you like, depending of how many people are coming to eat.

poor mens potatoes

Heat the oil a generous amount in a pan with a thick bottom (normally number 7) .
Start frying the potato-slices after drying them. Don’t add more than the amount which covers the bottom of the pan.
As they are half fried you reserve them, and start frying more potatoes and the the onions and the peppers and the garlic, cut in small pieces you add at the last potatoes you have to fry. If in the meantime you run out of olive oil, add a little more.
When the last potatoes, onions and peppers are half fried you add the potatoes you reserved before and you put a lid on the pan and lower the heat of the stove till 3.
After about 10 minutes everything will be ready to eat.
Enjoy your patatas a lo pobre.

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