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¡ iSpain ! On your apple phone

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The offical tourism organism Turspain, has designed a very interesting and free tool to reveil all the secrets of the wonderful Spanish cities. The programme is called iSpain and can be downloaded for free on I-pods, I-phones or I-pad.

The program is written in English and gives information about ten of the most important spanish cities: Bilbao, Barcelona, Córdoba, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Santiago, Sevilla, Valencia y Zaragoza. 
You will find here general information, about arts and culture, about gastronomy, shopping, sports and nature, what to do with kids, all accompanied by the best images of these destinations.
You can also find here the weatherforecast for the different cities.
Also you can find pratical information as in any travelguide: exchange rates, a dictionary, how much to pay for tips, where to find the different places, information about hotels, restaurants, hopsitals and special interest places. 
To download to program got to Apple Store
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