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New album Estrella Morente

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Estrella Morente, new album

Flamenco singer Estrella Morente has released a new disc ‘Autorretrato’ on October 2nd which she inicially started to make with her father Enrique Morente, passed away in december 2010.

The album began to take shape several years ago, when Estrella Morente met up with Michael Nyman in London: “There was a piece that was thirty years old: ‘Réquiem’. I go to a book by San Juan de la Cruz and I find the most wonderful poem you could ever read. It fit in perfectly. It was a live musical encounter”. Enrique Morente was the one who linked it to the pregón by Niño de las Moras: “He fell in love with that pregón and we sent it to Michael for him to orchestrate it. It’s the song that opens the disc. It hasn’t been played again”, she says. At the same time as songs started to arise, Estrella Morente began to compose the album’s lyrics and music. “My father boosted my personality, he guided me anew. He didn’t hold back my expression. And that artistic sentiment led me to the self-portrait”, she admits.
Estrella y Enrique Morente
The cantaora defines as “the reflection of an interior” this fourth studio album in her career, which breaks a silent spell of six years without a record, since she released ‘Mujeres’ in 2006. The repertoire consists of fifteen songs, over and hour of music, which combine roots and innovation. Seguiriyas, pregones, bulerías, old-time sevillanas and pregones, are combined with poems by San Juan de la Cruz, a tribute to Lola Flores, an habanera by Carlos Cano, Caribbean rhythms and a requiem. Musicians such as Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Antonio, Josemi and Juan Carmona, Pat Metheny and Michael Nyman, among many others, take part on the album, whose directing was concluded by Isidro Sanlúcar following Enrique Morente’s death.
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