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Alhambra: New system entrance tickets

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From May 2020 another ticket system has been introduced to the Alhambra monument: Please visit our article:
1 May 2020 New system entrance tickets to the Alhambra

Last weekend the Patronato del Alhambra, the directing board of the Alhambra has presented a new reservation system of the entrance tickets.

Now you can order your tickets on the following site: The site is in Spanish and English. You can order up to 10 tickets and you print them out beforehand so you won’t have to line up in front of the ticket office, which is a big advantage as you will not lose any time anymore.
At the other hand you will have to introduce the name, passportnumber, age, nationality and sex of every member of the group.
In this way the Alhambra council wishes to avoid fraud and will be able to check the identity of the visitors.


lions square alhambra
alhambra lions square

The normal entrance fee of  a dayticket is 14€ and you pay comission 0,85€ per ticket for reserving on Internet.

When searching for tickets today we discovered that there were no tickets available for october. Only for november. It seems that the system only allows you to reserve tickets two months in advance.

More information you can find on:

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