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The Madraza, un unknown jewel of Granada city

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La Madraza was the first university in Granada. This islamic university where maths, medicine and law were taught was built in the XIV century by Yusuf I the seventh king Nazari of Granada.

The location is in front of the cathedral. The outside of the building is made in a baroque style

Entrance to la Madraza

but the oratory room is decorated like the Alhambra palaces and what’s more: the original colours of the painting on the stucco have been preserved all these years, since they have been hidden behind wooden panels for centuries.


The oratory room of the Madraza Granada

Ater the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Kings  the building was used as town hall.
Then, in the old bedrooms of the students the meeting room of the 24 knights was built. In this room you can appreciate the lovely wooden ceiling made by mudejar artisans and painted by christians. It took them 20 years to finsh this work.

Ceiling of the room of the 24 knights

The Madraza is property of the Granada University and was reopened in 2011.

The entrance fee is 2 € per person and the guides will tell you about the history of this building in full detail.



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