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The Royal Horseriding School of Jerez de la Frontera

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The Real Escuela is located in a nice area, an about 15 minutes walk from the centre of Jerez de la frontera. The property is beautiful, very clean and surrounded of a park. There is a beautiful baroque style palace-like building.

Royal Horseriding School Jerez de la Frontera

The exhibition “Cómo bailan los caballos andaluces” was for sure the most interesting part of the visit. They show dressage, horses doing pirouettes or caprioles. All this is accompanied by spanish music and the riders wear traditional costumes of the 18th century. One part of the show is dedicated to carriage riding, in another one the horses are led by hand without saddles. Between each part there is a short description in spanish of what is coming next. Sometimes it really looks as if the horses are dancing – and overall it is a fascinating spectacle.


Horse and horseride Escuela Ecuestre de Jerez

A visit to the show costs 27 EUR (row 1-2) or 21 EUR.
The show takes place from 1-3 times (depending on season) a week at noon – please check their website for details.
I also would reccomend to buy your tickets in advance.

Even if you decide not to visit the show “Cómo bailan los caballos andaluzes”, you can watch their training in the morning. Of course there is no music then and the riders wear green or blue polo shirts instead of uniforms.

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