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New documentary about Sherry ‘Palo Cortado’ Antonio Saura

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Are you interested to learn more about the famous golden liquid of Spain called sherry?

Antonio Saura, the son of famous filmmaker Carlos Saura, made this new documentary about the sherry Palo Cortado in 2015. Palo Cortado is a rare type of sherry, chich used to be considered unsuitable for commercial use. It was rediscovered recently and now it is highly prized. It is like a an oloroso with 17-22% alcohol content. The name Palo Cortado means ‘cut stick’ and refers to a mark made on the barrel, this wine comes out accidentally when the wine loses his layer of yeast.
See this trailer about one of the oldest wines of Europe made by Latido Films.


A full documentary in English made by Jerez Television you can see on Youtube
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