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Free to visit in Granada each saturday

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Three monuments can now be visited for free each saturday in Granada. These monuments are: The Bañuelo, Casa del Horno de Oro, and the Palace of Dar al Horra.

The Bañuelo (eleventh century).
Carrera del Darro 31

An Arab public bath. It is one of the oldest and best preserved in Spain. It was built in the time of the Taifa Ziri. Opposite the remains of the old bridge of Cadi. Other authors cite it as « bath Palaces » oe « l bath Guadix Gate ».

It was called Hammam al-Jawza, it was the bath of the Axares neighborhood (low Albayzin). It has been declared of cultural interest. It was open until the time when Felipe II decided to close it, regarding it as sinful space. Today is accessed through a remodeled Christian home.

Its premises are the changing room, the cold room, the warm room and the hot room. The whole bathroom is covered with star vaults and octagonal skylights to vent and give light. They could be opened and closed to regulate the steam inside.

El Bañuelo

La Casa del Horno de Oro (late fifteenth century)
C / Horno del Oro, 14.
Located in the Albayzín, in the « neighborhood Axares

With the changes that were made in the sixteenth century, the Casa del Horno del Oro, is a good example of Moorish house, where both Islamic as Castilian elements are integrated.

Contrasts the simplicity of its exterior amd the intimate character with the beautiful harmony of its interior architecture. As a hispanic-musulman house, the building is centered by a rectangular courtyard with a pool. In the shorter sides are the rooms. The plaster arch that leads to the south room upstairs is from the original construction. A precious polychrome armor covers this room.

Casa del Horno de Oro

Palace of Dar Al-Horra.
(XV century palace built on an zirí eleventh century)
Callejon de las Monjas, in the high Albaicin.

The name « Dar Al-Horra » means « House of the Honest ».

This was the last house where the Sultana Aixa, wife of Muley and mother of the last king, Boabdil lived. Outside the perimeter of the Alhambra, Palace of Dar Al-Horra, is the clearest example of Moorish palatial architecture by its structure and decor. It has, like all Andalusian houses, a central courtyard with pool, around this the different rooms are distributed.

The most interesting part is the north gate as its viewpoint allows to see a beautiful view of San Cristobal Hill and the western part of Granada. Plasterwork inscriptions reveal the privacy of this house, « blessing », « happiness », « health is life » and « the blessing continues ». This palace, was part of a huge estate with gardens and orchards. Isabel the Catholic gave the garden and farm to found the Convent of Santa Isabel la Real.

Patio Dar al Horra

Visiting hours of the monuments:

– From September 15 to March 31 from 10:00 to 17:00.
– From 1 April to 14 September: from 9:30 to 14:30 and 17:00 to 21:00.

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